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Who We Are

Founded in 1950 as a Michigan corporation Niles Precision Company is a complete machine shop, operating on a job shop basis, producing complex machined parts and assemblies for flight controls, fuel control systems and braking systems for the aerospace  industries.

Operating in a modern, air-conditioned 58, 000-square foot-plant, we use three shifts to produce parts to customer's specifications on a 24 hour basis. Niles employs over 175 talented people dedicated to customer satisfaction. Quality management is a key part of our operations.

Small to medium sized parts on a production basis are our specialty, with shipments scheduled to comply with customer requirements. We operate with lean manufacturing cells as well as traditional departments, with skilled leaders and technicians in every area.

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Phone: (269) 683-0585
Fax: (269) 683-7762

Niles Precision Company, Inc.
P.O. Box 548
Niles, MI 49120-0548

Website: http://www.nilesprecision.com
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