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Our Expertise

We produce machined products to very close tolerances. We work with many different materials; such as A-286, inconel, titanium and other exotic aerospace alloys which require a unique knowledge of engineering and machining.

We have a long history of producing matched assemblies for the fuel control industries which demand close diametrical clearances. These clearances normally run in the area of .0003 to .0005 diametrical clearance and cylindricity requirements of .0001 or less. These assemblies may consist of one or more tandem bores and valve lands held within .0001 positional tolerance. In recent years we have produced matched assemblies with as little as .00012 total diametrical clearances.

We do extensive work with castings and forgings that require in-line holes held to .0002 total diametrical tolerances. We are capable of producing channels and ports through bodies and housings of .0003 to .0005 diametrical tolerances for the full length.

Using the EDM method, we produce metering ports holding a total profile tolerance of .0005 or less. Some of these ports include XOYO radii of .006 or less.

Our burr-less edges have less than .0001 edge breaks.

Our calibration department ensures consistent I.D. and O.D.measurement readings within .000010 . Our flow test equipment and pressure test stands are filtered to 3 microns.

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